Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations Technology


Birthday party supplies and decorations are available as extremely convenient theme packages. A theme package brings together all of the supplies necessary to throw a great child’s birthday party. These are really catching on as evidenced by the some 2 million theme packages sold each year. This is quite a testament to the joy brought by birthday party theme package supplies to the children. The success of theme packages is owed to the expertise behind the design and delivery process.

A birthday party theme package is designed around a character or topic. The amount of selections at a given time is massive. Examples include: Hurray For Elmo Theme Package, Pirate Buried Treasure, Sea Life Theme Package, Batman Begins, Camouflage Theme Package, Disney Cars, Fire Fighter Theme Package, Ice age Theme Package, Ninja Turtles , Tonka Theme Package, Cabbage Patch , Cupcake Theme Package, Doodlebops , Hello Kitty Theme Package, Pizza Party Theme Package, Sleepover Theme Package and Tiny Dancer.

If you or your child can name, there is likely a theme package for it!

The process begins with the research team. These are marking experts who follow trends and tastes regarding what is popular among kids. They pay attention to the latest comics, movies and educational topics. Many hav backgrounds in early childhood development and teaching. Often a good research team knows what is going to be popular before consumers make it so.

Once the research team has decided on a particular character or topic, it is up to the design team to create the graphics and artwork. The design team comprises a group of specialists who are expert in color and layout. They use computer graphics program to perform layout and design of each piece in the birthday party theme package. The project established for each piece is to scale and at 300 dpi or greater. A good design team can produce a vivid, appealing set in a single day.

The manufacturing group takes the artwork and layouts and then sets the molds and dies necessary to produce the elements comprised by a birthday party theme package. Polymers are the dominant material used for a theme package. These are commonly formed with an extrusion process with sublimation for coloring. Paper is the next most used material. Today’s computer controlled manufacturing environment can crank out over 6000 completed units per min.

All of the expertise, teamwork and technology come together to create and implement highly vibrant birthday party theme packages at very affordable prices. Most importantly, today’s birthday party theme packages are quite pleasing to the ultimate consumers… the children.


Source by Jeff Bauman